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Friday, January 22, 2010

"There is a red world, and angry world red things happen there."- Alan Moore

Well today wasn't too bad. I went to school with my brother, not for a class, but just to study and get some done to avoid calling the day a complete waste. After the time at school was done, my brother and I went to wing street and bought some oh so delicious wings. We then proceeded to go to the comic store that we frequent to pick up our recent goods. Low and behold my swamp thing book was in !?

I got:

Conan the frank frazetta series 2, and 3 since I missed them.(they finally came in! conan, nord, frazetta, and I'm sold)

Saga of the Swamp Thing book 2 (first time I ordered it, it was somehow missed, ordered it a few weeks ago again and it came in! alan moore is my favorite writer so I'll enjoy this)

Demo tpb (I didn't actually order this seeing as how the employee and I only talked about it, and that I was interested in getting Demo volume 2. I stated that I would look the demo tpb up at home and if I decided to get it that I would call to order it. I went in today and they had ordered for me lol. I'm actually grateful since it was pretty darn good.)

Overall today wasn't too bad. I got some studying done, practically have my lab report done and it's due thursday, got some stuff that I've been waiting for for a long time, and I've eaten some good food. I've had a good time. have a good night

music: Pink Floyd-Wish you were here

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