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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wednesday OH THE SHADOWS!

I haven't written in a couple of days, I believe, and it's just been a pretty stressful week. I found out that I got a C on my last test for my T, TH class. A couple of things I missed because I just drew a blank, and one question I missed because the importance of it was never really stressed in class, studying 3 chapters in general had seemed more important. I suppose I just need to work harder and aim for a B instead of the A I was aiming for at the beginning of the class.

My morning M-W-F class was, to put it bluntly, stupid because there was an assignment due last month, apparently on a day I was sick, and I had no idea because the teacher has been deviating from the syllabus (so you basically don't know what's due when) for most of the semester. When I had asked for clarification and the teacher told me; some very annoying chick who shows up late most of the time and portrays herself as an asinine person every time she talks has the audacity to laugh, and laugh hard. That ordeal basically started my day off pretty bad. However, when I went to my next class I had found out that I have a B+ and if I keep doing really well on my next two tests I should get a solid A :).

Lets see how the rest of the week turns out 8/.

music: Black Sabbath- Snowblind
quote: "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks on to you."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Night

I didn't necessarily do much other than finish some homework for one of my classes. It was pretty important because we're going to be moving onto a new subject in the class so I didn't mind doing the homework because it seemed relevant to me.

Other than that I relaxed...again...not much to do on sunday since I work it out to be my one day off during the week. I read some of the GN Sin City: That Yellow Bastard, looked through some of my old wizard magazines for articles I may have missed or didn't read, and watched a bit of football. Halloween wasn't so bad this weekend as well; the temptation to eat candy, which I usually avoid with ease, seemed like a sin not to eat and I caved in but eh.

I also looked at some Conan stuff because I'm getting tired of Marvel, and DC in general...basically trying to deviate from the stereotypical super hero I guess..

This week coming up shouldn't be so bad because I only have one test coming up. Hope everyone, or anyone had a good weekend. peace

Friday, October 30, 2009

The day before Halloween didn't go by so bad. Went to school for my class, it was funny at first because my brother and I were the only ones in the class for the first 7-10 minutes of class and no one had shown up. I was wondering if anyone was going to show up to class; soon after that the teacher had came into the class and greeted us. Throughout the class people started to trickle in, jokes were said, good times were had, and overall the class was pretty cheerful when compared to the beginning of it.

Got home, and I chilled for AWHILE! Worked out and increased my sets a tiny bit.

The most important thing that happened today was that I told this girl that I've liked since high school how I felt about her. I'm not really sure what to expect...will she just ignore me? does she have a boyfriend? who the hell knows what's going to happen. However, I told her, and I feel a little better about it :D.

It's late...I'm not actually tired, so have a good night everyone out there, and have a happy halloween tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Howdy Howdy

Well today is wednesday and it's almost over. I've had a pretty eventful day. My first class was awesome as always, the teacher seems to have a knack for talking, entertaining, and informing which I find really interesting. My second class was beautiful to say the least :D.'s fun when 2 1/2 hours passes by and you didn't realize where the time went.

Tomorrow is another test....woopie! you's funny (to whoever is reading it of course...then again maybe no one is reading it and that's fine as well.) I got a study guide for my tuesday-thursday class, and surely enough the study guide was inadequate had less than half the information for tuesdays test and when I informed the teacher he had simply said that "I should know the material because it's in the notes." I had explained to him that " sure, I can see where you're coming from, however when you give us a study guide for the quiz/test and show particular things that we're responsible for knowing that surely enough I pay attention to those things." After that, and some more back and forth, I had implied that the study guides were in fact hurting myself as well as the class that he should halt giving them and tell us to study the notes and that it was more affective that way. I spoke my peace and left tuesday pretty outraged. Out of that experience I was pretty proud that I didn't just blow up, laugh, and walk out the room. Here's hoping the study guide is going to work for tomorrow's test >.<.

I'm going to also attempt to do some more homework tonight while also studying for the test tomorrow. Wish me luck.

music: Chopin: Piano Concerto #2 In F Minor, Op. 21, B 43 - 1. Maestoso
video: not really in the mood to look for a particular uplifting video (sorry)

Monday, October 26, 2009

The End of A Monday

I didn't actually write over the weekend due to family problems. OOPS

Today wasn't so bad, granted it was pretty dang hot, and I survived school. I found out my first test wasn't actually due until wednesday so that was cool, then for my second class I took a test and I thought I did pretty good (funny thing is it was supposed to be last wednesday and got postponed when I was completely ready, and this time around I barely studied FML).

Notable things I did over the weekend: I slept :D. I also read some comics: Hellboy: TWH 7, Batman: unseen 2, Daredevil 501, Hellblazer 260, TWD 66, and my brothers comic Criminal: The Sinners part 1.

Overall, reading the comics was what helped me get through the weekend, especially since it's one of my main sources of entertainment. Hellboy was "wild" lawl....he now has two destinies to decide from and he fought an evil illusion of himself and got wooped. Batman, with bruce wayne, was awesome because it had a villain that could turn himself invisible, which I'm sure is a homage to H.G. Wells... sweetness overall. The new team for DD was awesome, and the conclusion really shocked me because DD killed master izo. Hellblazer Simon Bisley enough said. TWD was somewhat predictable, however very gratifying. Criminal I basically wish that I didn't inform my brother about it because then I'd be buying it 8(.

Hopefully todays work out goes smoothly.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, it seemed to be the hottest day of the week

Howdy, today went by rather smoothly....My first class actually flew by pretty quick, and it usually doesn't because it's almost 2 hours. During break I just went to the library and read a collection of Hellshock that I brought with me since there were no pressing matters today to study or do any homework. My next 2 hour class went by smoothly as well. I'm not sure why today was alright, maybe since I was in a cheerful mood. I did wear all black today, which seemed to be a bad thing after the day started to roll along.

I got home, worked out, and relaxed. This weekend will be a test for me though since next week I have a couple of quizzes and two tests. hooray for me! Lets see if I put the weekend to good use hmm?

music:Beethoven: Piano Sonata #14 In C Sharp Minor - Adagio Sostenuto

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tuesday night OOPS busy!

Well....sunday was uneventful. Monday I got my test back for my music class and I got a B, however I've been studying today so that I can retake it tomorrow since over half the class didn't do too well. I believe we only spent about a week on the new material, however it is rough and tough so I'm not so surprised at the end result of grades. The positive is that anyone who wants to retake the test gets to tomorrow to try and improve on their grade, and I figure that if I don't go to class I'll have to wait almost 3 hours for my next one so why not redo it and try my hand.

I'm also sick again. My little cousin came over to visit and apparently he wasn't sick anymore. I was hanging out with him and noticed he had a runny nose and a little cough. I just figured it was the cold weather, and that because he's small the weather got to him. Saturday afternoon, for some reason, he had coughed right in my face when I was talking to him, and low and behold I felt like crap monday morning. Hopefully I get better soon, and that will be the end of it. I hope to get an A on the remake, it will raise my spirits greatly. take care.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday.....amalgamated affections throughout the day

Lets see...didn't really do anything today other than supports my local/favorite teams for baseball/football.

The midget football team lost today despite their valiant efforts, and a come behind touchdown to tie the game. With only 6 seconds left and fourth down for the midgets, all the coach had to do was have the team punt it and stop the run back to send it into overtime. However, I'm not sure what the coach was thinking when he decided to do a hail mary pass to try to win the game at their own 17 yard line, only for the ball to float for what seemed to be the longest time and be intercepted for a touch down. Seeing the team members' somber faces after such efforts only for the game to be thrown away was almost unbearable, and I actually turned away and held my head in my hands. I do wish the best of luck to the next game, and am really disappointed by the bad coaching call that could have saved the kids at least a little pain.

Yankees won the second game in the play offs against the Angels. Enough said, and WOO HOO!

Miami beat UCF 27-7, not an awesome victory since UCF isn't ranked and is now 3-3, and I'm not exactly sure why UCF was scheduled however a win is a win. I'm really just glad Miami won.

Lets go Atlanta Falcons tomorrow! It's going to be a tough game against the bears!

That's all I have to say about that. good night all and I'll just leave with an awesome song by one of my favorite bands.

music/video: Pink Floyd - Time

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, what an intense day I think

Well today didn't go by soooo bad. Went to school and found out that there was no class...I thought to myself " oh wow...drove almost 20 miles total for naught"

Then I came home afterwards with really nothing to do because the whole week was riddled with studying and tests/quizzes so I basically relaxed and did nothing other than reading.

Then the bomb dropped....literally and figuratively....anyway you would like to imagine it. In the mail, I received a notification that the school I attend needs more pages filled out for fafsa. I thought to myself "oh what the f**k!" After all the hardship I went through with the first half of the semester trying to straiten what was already supposed to be a finished form.....they send me yet more papers to fill out. What's funny is I'm in the same situation I was in last year, but......this year requires more papers then the previous year? I pretty much fill like I'm on the s**t end of the stick, and they're just giving me more papers to fill out to just avoid dealing with me. What's even more convenient is the fact that the papers magically arrived today (a day that's closed for the financial aid office) I have to wait all the way until monday ( a business day) to try and sort all this out yet again. And everything....seemed to be....correcting itself I suppose...

music: Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons, Op. 8/4, RV 297, "Winter" - 3. Allegro

quote for the day: "I almost wish we were butterflies, and lived but three summer days...three such days with you I could fill with more delight than 50 common years could ever contain." -I assume by John Keats


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

today is wednesday

Due to having a test today, I couldn't write a blog yesterday since I was studying. The material is pretty difficult, and I had to devote most of my time to it. I'm now out of class and in the library for about an hour waiting on the second part of class to start. I believe I did alright, however only time will tell when we get the tests back either next week or the following.

Some things that happened yesterday: computer science went by alright. The C.S. lecture, for some reason, went by really fast. In the C.S. lab, I had to do my presentation on my moch resume and web page. It wasn't too bad because I had kept it simple and to the point. I got applause, however so did most of the class, so I wasn't on some high lol.

hopefully the rest of the day goes by smoothly, and hopefully the rain has seized for the day.

no music or no videos because I just dont have time for it. peace out (o.o)y

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, the traditional relaxing day?

Today I didn't really do anything productive other than relaxing. I always fine myself on a sunday having a day off. For instance, I work out every day of the week except sunday, I study and do homework through out the week except sunday. I figure since I work hard the first six days of the week, that I should, at least, have one day out of seven to relax.

Tomorrow is monday, and apparently I'm going to have a test in the morning. However, the teacher said it would be wednesday and that he said he'd give it on monday to trick us into studying over the weekend.....the weird thing is, later on in the class last wednesday, he said that it was cruel to trick us and told us his plan of really having it wednesday. What tripped me out though was that at the end of the class he said it's going to be on monday. Now...I hope I'm right that he really means to have it monday since I only studied saturday for about an hour >.<. grrrr

I also found out this weekend that homework for one class requires the use of the textbook, which I couldn't buy due to lack of money. I get check it out in the library, however my time in there is limited. I was pretty bummed out that I found out I couldn't do the copied pages of the homework at my leisure. DANGIT!

movies watched during the weekend: Treasure of the sierra madre, Bandolero! Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt, James Stewart, Dean Martin, and Raquel Welch FTW!

This coming week should be alright....There really isn't anything big coming up to my knowledge haha.

music just listened to: Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #3 In G, BWV 1048 - 2. Adagio

video for the day:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday, a somewhat interesting day

1.)Did chores that I had set out to do today.
2.)I read for recreational time through out the day.
3.)I did my work out for the day, and that went by smoothly.
4.)Also did some studying for school, and I reserved homework for tomorrow seeing as how it won't be due until the following week I believe.

It is now night time and I feel, at least a little, that I accomplished some good out of Saturday.

music: Not at the moment

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today is Friday, what a sorrowful beginning it seems.

Friday, today....or at least the morning hasn't been bad at all. I'd say even...peaceful because of the cool weather, the school had a feeling of emptiness, but that was ok I suppose because I had the feeling that today would be a good day. My plan for the day wasn't long, just some simple cleaning here and there with some studying strewn out through the day to attain the feeling of accomplishing something :D. As I started driving to go home, I was listening to the radio, and something caught my attention. wait for it....

Obama had just won.....the Nobel Peace Prize, and became a part of the echelon of great people who have come before him to win the prize. Most notably, or to be honest what comes to mind at the heat of the moment for me, MLK Jr. who won it in 1964 deservingly.

Quoted from news headline

"The Nobel Peace Prize goes to President Barrack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

wow....really? He's been in office less than a year, hasn't really accomplished anything he has set out to do for the American people, however because of his efforts has been awarded the NPP. Does he deserve the NPP? Um no. Obama should have realized that he did nothing to earn it and gracefully denied the award, however he did nothing of the sort. Obama, as of late, has had great speeches promising wonderful reform for the country, and none of these promises have come to fruition...To even put him among the list of people who have earned it seems appalling to me, and disrespectful to those who have earned the NPP.

lets hope the rest of the day will go by more smoothly eh....

"What am I to do in a crazy world...where only the crazy people prosper, and the righteous/good people only seem to have a sliver of hope?" -little something that popped into my head atm, not really quoted from anyone other than myself.

music : none at the moment

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thursday just another week day.

Today wasn't such a bad day. Went to school and took my test, and I have to say that I believe I did pretty good. After I turned in the test, I went directly to the car and just relaxed in the driver seat with the window down and listened to music. After awhile, I went back to class for the lab and finished my assignment for the day. I got done roughly 30 minutes before the lab was over and I was fatigued mentally from the work @.@. So I conversed a little with a couple of other class mates, and after a little while the teacher actually let us out a bit early which is unconventional.

I got home after class was over and took a two hour nap. I woke up delirious, but that seemed alright since I didn't really have anything to do at the moment. Now I realize, however, that I seemed to have miss placed my bizarre....

I also watched a movie today....or partially called The Big Sleep. It stars one of my favorite actors Humphrey Bogart. I've watched it before, and I just had an urge to watch it again.

music atm: none actually 8( Movie TIME!

p.s. lets see how tomorrow goes

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day (one of many, and not necessarily in a positive way).

I feel a little off today since I haven't been able to study much for a particular class that has a test tomorrow. Don't get me wrong because I actually completed the study guide a few days ago, and because of other classes I've only briefly looked at it until today. I swear there is a conspiracy that all the teachers get together and plan their tests around the same days, or within the same week, for students to go bat ****. This little ordeal never seems to pass me by. I've been studying off and on during the afternoon seeing as how I didn't get home from school until after 1 pm. I hope I do well though :D.

On another note, I watched Rebel Without A Cause today. The movie seems to always raise my spirits for some reason. Also worked out today and that went by pretty well. Haven't really listened to music because the only really down time I took was to watch a movie and work out. Hope tomorrow flies by. peace to whoever is out there (o.O)y

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Today is Tuesday and it's not even over yet.

Thanks to communicating with my morning teacher I figured out what I was missing for homework for the passed week. He was really nice, and because of him I got some things done in class this morning. So just a shout out to him basically.

Today wasn't really hot, which was pretty cool, and class passed by really fast. I do have a class at night, however that passes by pretty fast also so today should turn out alright.

I'm currently up to date with most of my classes and that's a good thing, especially with the early set back of the financial aid problem.

So far so good this week..almost 2 days down and counting.

music atm: Blindside- Sleepwalking

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The weekend of Oct. 3-4

Miami beat Oklahoma 21-20 woo hoo.

On another note, this weekend has been fruitful as far as studying has gone. I got a lot accomplished and that's worth a pat on the back imo.

I believe winter has finally arrived, or so it seems, because it seems obvious that the temperature has dropped considerably compared to the last few weeks. I guess that's a bad or good thing depending on your preferences for weather.

As far as other activities this weekend, I didn't do much. I simply read, watched some tv, worked out when needed and had a pretty simple weekend.

p.s. Lets hope for a good upcoming week.

song atm: Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

Friday, October 2, 2009

On the up and up

Car is working now. Needed a bypass hose, which apparently does wear out often so I was able to go to school today. I also got a hair cut today and it feels pretty good to actually have short hair.

In the process of working out right now, and I figured since I was on my little break that I'd fill in on what was going on atm. Hopefully this weekend I can get a lot of studying done again. Hopefully Miami wins their football game against Oklahoma. Fall can not come any sooner and I am ready for the cold weather....I think.

song atm: Jimi Hendrix Castles Made Of Sand
-Man Without Fear

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week's Events

It's been a pretty stressful week, I haven't been able to fully commit myself to school at the moment due to complications at the financial aid office( long story). Basically this whole week has been devoted to fixing already mentioned problems so that I can continue going to my community college. It's horrifying in the fact that this year I completed my financial aid during january, got clarification papers from financial aid during the month of May; I turned the aforementioned papers in and got a notification of the papers being received/reviewed on May 28, 2009 with no indication of errors. Come to find out there was an error, and no notification of error was mailed to me. And now i'm trying to rectify this error and hope for the best. Peace for now (o.o)y