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Monday, October 26, 2009

The End of A Monday

I didn't actually write over the weekend due to family problems. OOPS

Today wasn't so bad, granted it was pretty dang hot, and I survived school. I found out my first test wasn't actually due until wednesday so that was cool, then for my second class I took a test and I thought I did pretty good (funny thing is it was supposed to be last wednesday and got postponed when I was completely ready, and this time around I barely studied FML).

Notable things I did over the weekend: I slept :D. I also read some comics: Hellboy: TWH 7, Batman: unseen 2, Daredevil 501, Hellblazer 260, TWD 66, and my brothers comic Criminal: The Sinners part 1.

Overall, reading the comics was what helped me get through the weekend, especially since it's one of my main sources of entertainment. Hellboy was "wild" lawl....he now has two destinies to decide from and he fought an evil illusion of himself and got wooped. Batman, with bruce wayne, was awesome because it had a villain that could turn himself invisible, which I'm sure is a homage to H.G. Wells... sweetness overall. The new team for DD was awesome, and the conclusion really shocked me because DD killed master izo. Hellblazer Simon Bisley enough said. TWD was somewhat predictable, however very gratifying. Criminal I basically wish that I didn't inform my brother about it because then I'd be buying it 8(.

Hopefully todays work out goes smoothly.

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