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My name is jeremy, and this is my blog. height: 6'3, weight: 231 Ib, green eyes, brown hair. I try to be a good person/man to everyone around me.. I give respect to those who warrant it or deserve it.. I'm a person of simple tastes. to past the time I don't mind reading, watching movies, working out, conversation, or listening to music

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, it seemed to be the hottest day of the week

Howdy, today went by rather smoothly....My first class actually flew by pretty quick, and it usually doesn't because it's almost 2 hours. During break I just went to the library and read a collection of Hellshock that I brought with me since there were no pressing matters today to study or do any homework. My next 2 hour class went by smoothly as well. I'm not sure why today was alright, maybe since I was in a cheerful mood. I did wear all black today, which seemed to be a bad thing after the day started to roll along.

I got home, worked out, and relaxed. This weekend will be a test for me though since next week I have a couple of quizzes and two tests. hooray for me! Lets see if I put the weekend to good use hmm?

music:Beethoven: Piano Sonata #14 In C Sharp Minor - Adagio Sostenuto

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