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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday.....amalgamated affections throughout the day

Lets see...didn't really do anything today other than supports my local/favorite teams for baseball/football.

The midget football team lost today despite their valiant efforts, and a come behind touchdown to tie the game. With only 6 seconds left and fourth down for the midgets, all the coach had to do was have the team punt it and stop the run back to send it into overtime. However, I'm not sure what the coach was thinking when he decided to do a hail mary pass to try to win the game at their own 17 yard line, only for the ball to float for what seemed to be the longest time and be intercepted for a touch down. Seeing the team members' somber faces after such efforts only for the game to be thrown away was almost unbearable, and I actually turned away and held my head in my hands. I do wish the best of luck to the next game, and am really disappointed by the bad coaching call that could have saved the kids at least a little pain.

Yankees won the second game in the play offs against the Angels. Enough said, and WOO HOO!

Miami beat UCF 27-7, not an awesome victory since UCF isn't ranked and is now 3-3, and I'm not exactly sure why UCF was scheduled however a win is a win. I'm really just glad Miami won.

Lets go Atlanta Falcons tomorrow! It's going to be a tough game against the bears!

That's all I have to say about that. good night all and I'll just leave with an awesome song by one of my favorite bands.

music/video: Pink Floyd - Time

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