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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Howdy Howdy

Well today is wednesday and it's almost over. I've had a pretty eventful day. My first class was awesome as always, the teacher seems to have a knack for talking, entertaining, and informing which I find really interesting. My second class was beautiful to say the least :D.'s fun when 2 1/2 hours passes by and you didn't realize where the time went.

Tomorrow is another test....woopie! you's funny (to whoever is reading it of course...then again maybe no one is reading it and that's fine as well.) I got a study guide for my tuesday-thursday class, and surely enough the study guide was inadequate had less than half the information for tuesdays test and when I informed the teacher he had simply said that "I should know the material because it's in the notes." I had explained to him that " sure, I can see where you're coming from, however when you give us a study guide for the quiz/test and show particular things that we're responsible for knowing that surely enough I pay attention to those things." After that, and some more back and forth, I had implied that the study guides were in fact hurting myself as well as the class that he should halt giving them and tell us to study the notes and that it was more affective that way. I spoke my peace and left tuesday pretty outraged. Out of that experience I was pretty proud that I didn't just blow up, laugh, and walk out the room. Here's hoping the study guide is going to work for tomorrow's test >.<.

I'm going to also attempt to do some more homework tonight while also studying for the test tomorrow. Wish me luck.

music: Chopin: Piano Concerto #2 In F Minor, Op. 21, B 43 - 1. Maestoso
video: not really in the mood to look for a particular uplifting video (sorry)

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