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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

today is wednesday

Due to having a test today, I couldn't write a blog yesterday since I was studying. The material is pretty difficult, and I had to devote most of my time to it. I'm now out of class and in the library for about an hour waiting on the second part of class to start. I believe I did alright, however only time will tell when we get the tests back either next week or the following.

Some things that happened yesterday: computer science went by alright. The C.S. lecture, for some reason, went by really fast. In the C.S. lab, I had to do my presentation on my moch resume and web page. It wasn't too bad because I had kept it simple and to the point. I got applause, however so did most of the class, so I wasn't on some high lol.

hopefully the rest of the day goes by smoothly, and hopefully the rain has seized for the day.

no music or no videos because I just dont have time for it. peace out (o.o)y

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