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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, the traditional relaxing day?

Today I didn't really do anything productive other than relaxing. I always fine myself on a sunday having a day off. For instance, I work out every day of the week except sunday, I study and do homework through out the week except sunday. I figure since I work hard the first six days of the week, that I should, at least, have one day out of seven to relax.

Tomorrow is monday, and apparently I'm going to have a test in the morning. However, the teacher said it would be wednesday and that he said he'd give it on monday to trick us into studying over the weekend.....the weird thing is, later on in the class last wednesday, he said that it was cruel to trick us and told us his plan of really having it wednesday. What tripped me out though was that at the end of the class he said it's going to be on monday. Now...I hope I'm right that he really means to have it monday since I only studied saturday for about an hour >.<. grrrr

I also found out this weekend that homework for one class requires the use of the textbook, which I couldn't buy due to lack of money. I get check it out in the library, however my time in there is limited. I was pretty bummed out that I found out I couldn't do the copied pages of the homework at my leisure. DANGIT!

movies watched during the weekend: Treasure of the sierra madre, Bandolero! Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt, James Stewart, Dean Martin, and Raquel Welch FTW!

This coming week should be alright....There really isn't anything big coming up to my knowledge haha.

music just listened to: Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #3 In G, BWV 1048 - 2. Adagio

video for the day:

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