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My name is jeremy, and this is my blog. height: 6'3, weight: 231 Ib, green eyes, brown hair. I try to be a good person/man to everyone around me.. I give respect to those who warrant it or deserve it.. I'm a person of simple tastes. to past the time I don't mind reading, watching movies, working out, conversation, or listening to music

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Food For Thought

Today, my Brother and I are making dinner..again :D.. We're having potatoes and sweet potatoes, with pork loin. I'm sure it'll come out swell since he and I are making it.

The weather is dreadful. I don't believe it's stopped raining for the past few days at least and that's been just a terrible feeling. All I can do is just stay inside, go out when I need to, and do work around the house since I can't do any activities with my brother outside. At least the grass is growing and the trees are getting nourishment as well..and that can't be bad for nature.

I Gotta Run So That I Can Walk

Back from my little vacation with my Mother and sisters... It was filled with a lot of great food (I probably gained 5-10 pounds @.@), and a lot of drama. I was sad to go because I came over to visit my Mother mainly, and mad because the drama that was caused by my sisters made it unbearable to be there. I kept thinking the whole time "if you saw a train coming directly in front of you, and instead of moving out of the way to dodge it...why would you intently stand in the way?"

I got comics, which was one of the high points for the vacation 8/. I got B.P.R.D. 5 and it turned out to be an acceptable ending of the arc it's on. I'm being vague for those who haven't read it yet. ttyl

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Luck of The Draw

I've gotten things done today because I've gotten the energy to do them. I usually can't stay idle too long because i'll get fidgety. The weather was nice, not too cold...not too hot, and it wasn't raining, and you can definitely tell that the winter is coming. At night there is a certain chill that somehow gets right to the bone....where by moving you've somehow broke out of your barrier and are relented to the harsh bite of the cold...I noticed it this morning as I sat frozen.. thinking of things to do and while I moved the air around me assaulted me from all sides. hmm..ttyl

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Man Without Fear?

I'm starting to believe that this is a fruitless goal to reach because there is no person in the world who doesn't fear one thing or another. I want to become someone who.. has very little to fear because of the efforts I've taken. This semester I set out to give 100%, and yet I failed because I let things around me effect me strongly. However, I also succeeded because no matter how hard the obstacles were around me...I didn't bend, I didn't break, I pressed on, and I finished my class and that's a good start. One thing is for sure.. I'm a fighter..and I want to keep moving forward.

Winning Isn't Everything....

I've watched the Lombardi Documentary.. and it has made me take a step back and look at my life... There's been a lot i've been working on i.e. life, personal beliefs, work ethic, and understanding the people around me. After watching the powerful documentary I believe that I need to take these practices and take them to the next level if I can, and if I fail that it's ok because I will have attempted to better myself, as a person, even further. I want to believe more in myself, the efforts I'm taking, and impose more will in the endeavors that I can control. This is only something that time will tell.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Counting Down The Days....No More

it is official. I just had my last class of the semester. There were ups and downs, smiles and frowns..The teacher offered drinks and pizza, which I thought was an awesome treat. I didn't say good byes..since that's not my thing...I just left the way I came...quiet..energetic, and calm. The teacher has only two things left to grade so that I can get my final grade of the semester, and that will be that.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Treasures of Mine part 3

Well..due to final week this week and last week I haven't really been on, which is unfortunate so again...I'm sorry. Finishing this post dec. 9.
1)The Crow- this has the whole package....beautiful art, beautiful writing, and I applaud O'Barr for even putting this out to the public. I can't even imagine how painful it was to produce the work. This made me believe that black and white work, in general, can be more powerful than colored work.

2)Watchmen- My favorite writer Alan Moore creating such an intricate comic with gibbons. Easily my favorite story from rorschach's journal and origin, dr. manhattan's origin, the surrounding characters, the cause and effect of each characters' actions, the black freighter, it's just a beautiful work overall.

3)Even though I got the hardcover for punisher circle of blood, I found this story very compelling, the art was great and I could see why it sold out when it first came out on that wonderful friday....because it was the initial story that made me a punisher fan. Another reason that I became a punisher fan was Tim Bradstreet and his great covers. However, I'm not a big fan of steve dillon and I've only liked the work by zeck,fernandez, and that's as far as I go as being a fan unfortunately.

4)Spider-man kraven's last hunt: this officially made me a mike zeck fan. it's one of those times where you realize that artist come and go usually and sometimes consistency lacks throughout a run..I believe this is either because their head gets too big, arrogance, and lack of effort or overload because they're on so many freaking projects. When I saw mike zeck's work on KLH....o-m-goodness...his work is consistent...he excels with every work he does that it's almost supernatural. The story overall is one of the greatest spider-man stories ever written.

5)Alter ego 92. I love/hate this with a passion. I love it because it talks about one of my favorite genres ever...with from the creators, and I hate it because it's part 3 of the story...and I haven't been able to find part 1 and 2 @.@ I also love the cover.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cold, Frigid, Sunday

The weekend spent, for lack of a better term, babysitting a cousin actually went by rather smooth. There wasn't a dull moment..there were laughs, there was joy, entertainment, and no feeling of restlessness.... I rummaged through some of my belongings, optimized more space, gave some stuff away that no longer interest me but nothing I thought my cousin wouldn't enjoy reading none the least.

We also made ginger bread cookies from scratch, which was an interesting thing to do because it brought us all together for about an hour.

I also found a lot of comic articles of events/comics that I really looked forward to getting and that was a great find.

I hadn't had a chance to steal myself away from my cousin so this is why my post is late, however I'll try to be more active. Of course, doing is more reliable than words alone so i'll work on that as well. i bid farewell for now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Battle of the Semester

There's only two weeks left of the semester....geez... I've completed most of my work, and with the help of a couple of friends i'll be pretty much done with the course. I made the foolish mistake of doing a couple key assignments and somehow...forgot to save them.. I spent the better part of a couple hours looking for them because "why do all the work again if I can find them?" low and behold.. that wasn't the case. Another bit of news... there's no more quizzes to take, thank heavens because I was mustering up some courage/stamina/strength to start prepping for the last two quizzes only to find out I've already done the last one... well....bullocks... why wasn't I informed of this when I inquired about the bloody quizzes. anywho...more to come.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stressful...but productive

1) Payed my fees for my class next semester. I only found one class that I felt comfortable taking, didn't mind taking, was cost effective, and was going to be healthy.

2)Payed the insurance with Justin. It's been four months since it's lowered in total amount and it hasn't changed yet..lame..

3) Getting official transcripts mailed in about a week giving Justin and I ample time to go to CSUSB and turn it in directly.

4) 2-3 weeks left of school....I remember when the semester first started. The state I'm in right now I'm still stressing, still dealing with crap in my life, however i'm trying to roll with it and not let it affect me too drastically. Still doing things I enjoy to keep my spirits up. Thinking of posting some more pictures of things I cherish. I'll see how I feel.

5)Probably/maybe not getting new brakes this weekend. We'll go and see if we need them first because there's no point in getting new brakes if they're not needed. Talk about a waste of money that could turn out to be. Car ran pretty smooth. I'd hope so.. since Justin and I already payed over 600 in repairs..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The year is almost over

To say the's been a stressful year with family issues, car issues, school seems almost boundless.

It seems no matter how you try to portray yourself in an understanding and open minded manner that someone will always seem to be mad at you for one reason or another especially when your opinion differs. I guess the saying "you can't make everyone happy," is as true as they come.

Cars, in general, should be renamed "The Money Pit," because no matter how you maintain them parts never seem to last for the long run. Things seem to be made with a certain life expectancy so that corporate/small businesses can take even more hard earned money from you. seems that there's never a calm time when it deals with school. The days for school pass by so's like an assembly line, and people are left with in the end, that is to say if they even got anything useful from the classes, with the slightest idea what the hell is going on in the world and what is essentially useful to carry on in life. The sad thing is a person usually can't get a decent job if they don't have a college degree.. it's's not what you's what you can prove with facts and evidence.

I haven't really used my blog for the better part of more than a few months...possibly over a 1/3rd of the year...I felt that it was pointless..however to keep what semblance of my sanity left intact...I feel that I must write it down to get it out there..

ramblings of Jeremy... TBC

Monday, November 29, 2010


Well...I'm alive, and I'm going to be more active on my blog again...hopefully..stay tuned whoever is out there :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well I started 2 a days for working out, and even though I'm more sore than usual I can say that it's working in my favor as far as fitness goes. I'm also still jogging with my brother so I've been jogging for probably a month now and I've actually lost weight. I'm entering the last stretch of my vacation before school starts so I'm trying to take it easy. I can't wait to start school, get a couple of the last classes I need before I try to transfer and move on with my life. Take care everyone or anyone.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Daily News

1)It's almost 120 degrees outside right now.
2)In the shade, it's over 101 degrees atm.
3)I'm currently starting to wear my gold's gym weight lifting gear again, which includes a 20 pound vest and 10 pound ankle weights.
4)I finished reading my Alter Ego 92, and I just have even greater respect for Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin, Jesse Santos, Jack Katz/ Jay Hawk, Mort Meskin, and Walt Simonson for beautiful art.
5) I shall have a good day today by any means, and the weather cannot stop me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good, and Honest Men

Today after all was said and done, I had sat down with my cousin to watch a movie. The movie we had chosen was, after about 5 minutes of debating, Destry Rides Again. James Stewart was the main character.

After watching the movie I couldn't help but think about all the great actors before my time who had larger than life personalities i.e. Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, James Stewart, Audie Murphy to name a few. When I watch these gentlemen act, it always seems that they just fit the roles as opposed to acting the roles...where I can think, "now I can actually see that person being portrayed that way, or living that particular way in their own life." Where a particular part seems to be meant for them as opposed to the role being played by anyone and doing fine. The men honestly seemed like good people as opposed to just doing it for the money. At the end you're left with actually wanting to do good, and be good to others the honest way...with true grit so to speak eh... just me rambling on.

hope everyone or anyone is doing well.

Agony Is What It Essentially Is

Did lawn work for over 2 hours and it was over 100 degrees. Who wants to do that, however it had to be done.. and I survived.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Just like the law of gravity, in which an object that goes up must eventually come down. That is how I describe my day today. Where the act of one person, who probably in his or her mind thought it was right, was in fact completely arrogant with the situation and just turned my day upside down. Where does one feel the right to set one up above all others and feel that it's right? Especially when the end result is negative for that person that is set up on a pedestal. I just can't comprehend what went down, and I suppose all I can do is just move on and sort it out some other time.

p.s. On another note, I browsed by yahoo sports, and there was an article called "Hump Day;" I thought to myself on how that title can be easily taken out of context...what can you do.

Hope everyone or anyone is doing well.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The days events

It was a normal day, and I could also go as far as to call it a quiet day. There was nothing on my agenda to do on this particular day so it left the feeling of abnormality since I'm usually up to something to keep myself busy. Other than working out, and taking care of some of the family (the family's pets) there was nothing to do but think internally about my situation and about my thoughts. Overall, my position in life at the moment is positive in my opinion and I definitely can't complain.

music atm: Vivaldi, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G minor op.10 No. 2 ("La Notte") - 3. Largo "Il Sonno"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The shows must go on

Shows that I'm anxiously waiting to come back either on the air/ to start the first season/ to just come on.

-Dark Blue (which is basically a crime/drama show that I completely engross myself in every time it comes on)
-100 Bullets (not sure what's going on with the production, however I have seen it advertised so I sure hope it comes to fruition)
-The Walking Dead (this show can't come any sooner since it's debut is in October, I assume because of Halloween, and I'm practically dying for it :D)
-Law and Order (This is by far my favorite show, even though I don't agree with some of the political undertones it keeps me entertained. I'll even watch re-runs to get my fix @.@)

Sometimes The Strange In Life Is Beautiful

Today, as my brother and I had changed the liter for our indoor cats, a little kitten had seen us and decided to walk towards us. I hadn't seen it until I got to the patio, that is where I proceeded to call to the kitten not expecting any real sort of response because I thought it was wild. To my amazement it actually started to run to my brother and I and all the while meowing to us. It was a friendly kitten. It ate food, and seemed to like the attention. Maybe we'll see the kitten tomorrow, and maybe not, however it was a fun experience.

Oh the agony!

While I woke up this morning, I went towards the window planning on opening it, and my left foot must have swung near the opening at the bottom of my bed. I keep my weighted gear for working out, as well as my barbells on my bed and it just so happened that my pinky toe slammed one of the barbells. It feels terrible, and I tried to see if I could jog and I can't. So tomorrow even though I can't jog, i'll walk using my weighted gear instead @.@

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Hellboy Universe

-Abe Sapien
My favorite character of the hellboy universe..He's smart, reliable, has great character design, tragic hero who lost everything from his former life and came out the other side as a good person, even though he looks different from people it never really affects him in a negative way, and he can be a complete bad a$$.

Favorite Actors

Charlton Heston
James Dean
Matt Damon
Tom Hanks
Humphrey Bogart
Clint Eastwood
Audie Murphy
Anthony Hopkins
James Stewart

Monday, July 5, 2010

Favorite Football Teams

Brisk tea isn't superior to Lipton Ice Tea

Atlanta Falcons


I pretty much like to watch any team for football, however these are my favorite.

Favorite Basketball teams

Today was really just a slow day.

Favorite teams...
Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics
LA Lakers

Favorite Baseball teams

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July, and that everyone/ anyone took it easy on the alcohol.

Lets get down to the nitty gritty....
Favorite Baseball teams:
Brooklyn Dodgers (yes...before they came to California)
LA Angels
NY Yankees

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Big Bang

It's July 1st! There's actually no significance for me other than the fact that there's three days left until the fourth of July. I jogged this morning, which was pretty good. I checked how long I jogged and it seems I only jog almost half a mile >.<. It's not necessarily bad because I actually jog the whole distance, however it just startled me because the distance seemed much longer than I had anticipated haha. ATM i'm on my break from working out and i'm listening to The Rolling Stones. Hope everyone or anyone has a great day

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Favorite writers (not in specific order)

1)Alan Moore (Watchmen, Swamp Thing)
2)Robert Ludlum (His books are marvelous...a few are: The Bourne Trilogy, The Ambler Warning, The Tristan Betrayal)
3)Ed Brubaker (Criminal, Incognito, all of his Daredevil work, and all of his Captain America work until he brought back Steve Rogers)
4)Dean Koontz (Fear Nothing, Seize the Night, Frankenstein trilogy)
5)Stephen King (Cell since it's the only book I read @.@)
6)Mike Mignola (BPRD)
7)Jason Aaron (Scalped only)
8)Frank Miller (Sin City, and Daredevil)
9)Warren Ellis (Only Fell, which is depressing since I don't know when it comes out or whether or not it will anymore)
10)Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead only)
11)Brian Azzarello (Batman Broken City, and I haven't had a chance to read 100 Bullets)
11)James O'Barr (The Crow)

Wait For It......

Today hadn't started off too bad...I woke up at 6 and since I didn't feel in too much of a hurry I went to sleep again. Around 7, I had gotten up and got ready for the day as well as a trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I headed out with my brother, Justin, and went to our school to pick up my A.A. diploma in Liberal Arts. I found it to be an awkward experience because I went in to college to work on transferring and taking classes towards my major Computer Science, and I got an A.A. IN LA @.@. I just walked into the admissions office and waited in line to receive my diploma and that was it. So far the day after this experience has been rather normal to say the least; I ate breakfast, watched a tiny bit of TV, and vacuumed the house. I hope to have a relaxing day, and hope that nothing goes awry. Take care everyone or anyone.

p.s. I might have a couple more posts later on depending on how I feel.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

favorite artists (no particular order)

1)Frank Frazetta (Conan book covers, Blazing combat)
2)Gene Colan (Daredevil)
3)John Romita Jr (Daredevil, ASM, Daredevil Man Without Fear)
4)Frank Miller (Daredevil, Sin City)
5)John Buscema (Savage Sword of Conan)
6)Joe Kubert (Our Army at War)
7)Jordi Bernet (Jonah Hex)
8)Kentaro Miura (Berserk)
9)James O'Barr (The Crow)
10)Michael Lark (Daredevil)
11)David Mazzucchelli (Daredevil, Batman Year One)
12)R.M. Guerra (Scalped)
13)Sean Phillips (Criminal, Incognito)
14)Tomas Giorello (Conan the cimmerian)

Monday, June 28, 2010

why duth this happen to thee

Well I went to my comic store today hoping to purchase my Saga of the Swamp Thing book 3, and come to find out it didn't come in last week. I'm not sure what happened because I had ordered it months in advance, and reminded the owner every month after my initial order.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Set Up

1)Jogged this morning (actually extended the distance and did exceptionally well today)
2)mowed the front lawn
3)worked out
4)cleaned a little bit with Justin to get ready for our new beds
5)gotta go to financial aid tomorrow and wednesday and I hope things go well @.@ I'm really nervous.

Through the Storm

It seems today I'm getting a new bed; its been a long time since I could remember when I first got my last bed, almost ages really. I have mixed feelings because even though I feel very appreciative, I also feel mortified by this upcoming experience. Hopefully today will go by well for myself as well as everyone else.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trading time

I've been thinking about it for awhile, and I've decided that I wanted to trade some of my collection that I've been collecting since elementary school. The reason I'm taking my sweet time is that I'm trying to find the right time and the right person to trade my stuff with for things of his particular collection.

It's definitely going to take awhile to finalize because I gotta agree with prices, what i'm going to trade for what, and I also gotta do an inventory of what I'm offering. Hopefully I get this done before the end of July so that I can say goodbye to stuff I don't want anymore and get the ones I've always cherished but never could buy either because of location or unavailability....thank you internet :D

Hope everyone/ anyone is doing well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The road less travelled

Seems hard to believe I'm almost 230 pounds in this picture, however I am 6'2 and I do work out a lot.

I have to assume that my working out and jogging is going to pay off in the long run. About a year ago...possibly 1 1/2 years ago I weighed over 260 pounds. I know...scary is it not. With the work out I did, and in less than 4 months I had lost over 40 pounds. I am presented with a chance again, as well as the motivation to start jogging, to lose more weight that I am sure I will shed off. So far I've been doing really good, jogging every other day for the past 2 weeks. I would say that I'm doing good, and I hope to see great results by the end of the summer. I also find that working out and jogging actually makes me feel more energetic so we'll see how it works out. ttyl everyone or anyone.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Force is strong with this one

A few of videos for the upcoming games of Star Wars including: The Force Unleashed 2, and two of The Old Republic. I understand that, which should be plain to see, the actual games will not look like the trailers, I thought the execution of the videos were beautifully done.

-Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

-The first Old Republic video is called "Deceived."

-The second video for the Old Republic is called "Hope."

Just figured I'd post these awesome videos that would make any star wars fan excited. Have a good night everyone/ anyone.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Treasures of Mine part 2

Since I was born during the late 80s, I didn't have the chance of getting the lancer paperback books that featured Frazetta's beautiful covers on them...So I had to, for lack of a better term, "curtail" looking for such books and find the best alternative, which was to buy the beautiful Frank Frazetta cover series from Dark Horse. Granted these aren't original Frazetta paintings, however the work by Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord, Dave Stewart, and company attached to the covers is worth getting.

1) I know I see a wizard magazine with Angelina Jolie on the cover and with little knowledge of what's inside (i'm just speculating) probably think " could this even be a treasure?" However, if you're a Conan fan this wizard is a must have. It contains an article about Robert E. Howard's tragic life along with pictures of iconic Conan. I found the article to be really heartfelt, and that is why it remains one of my treasures.

2)To those who don't know, this is Conan the frank frazetta series issue 1, and to cut to the chase the following three are 2,3, and 4 respectively. The cover is the painting "The Frost Giants" by Frazetta, which first appeared on the lancer published Conan the Cimmerian in 1969.

3)The painting is "Chained" and is a beautiful piece by Frazetta, and the story is 'the God In The Bowl,' which is masterfully done by Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord, Dave Stewart, and all those involved. The first published painting, I believe was 'Conan the Usurper' published in 1967.

4) This beautiful Conan cover was featured on the 'Conan The Adventurer,' first published in 1966 and this particular issue contains the story Tower of the Elephant.

5) This cover is the painting "The Destroyer," and includes the Hall of the Dead, which was done by Mignola and Nord, which I completely loved.

The next issue of Conan the Frank Frazetta Series will include the Man-Ape painting by Frazetta, as well as the adaption of the Howard story "Rogues In The House."

Personally, I'm a little sad at the fact that there are only going to be 8 issues of the series. However, since the trend seems to be referencing covers from the Lancer Conan books that Frazetta painted, I hope they reproduce the covers of 'Conan The Warrior', 'Conan The Avenger', and 'Conan The Buccaneer'.

References and thanks used for this part of my treasure collection.
-Lancer Books 1961-1973 and Irwin Stein and Walter Zacharius for actually publishing Howard's stories
-Frank Frazetta (for producing this series)

Hope everyone/ anyone enjoyed this because it took me forever to put together sadly to say.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1) Father's day is this sunday June 20
2) Swamp thing book 3 comes out next week June 23
3) I sign up for my last classes June 24
4) I get my AA in Liberal Arts June 30
5) Last semester at my community college starts August 18
6) During October I try to transfer again

@.@ Well these particular dates I deem important, considering my first two years of community college was very limited as far as the classes I could take; I can only really consider my last two years to actually be pivotal in my process of gaining more knowledge and further pursuing my goal of transferring and getting my Bachelors degree in computer science. There has been ups and there has been downs that include the following: I've had to deal with problems that didn't even concern me directly, and i've had to basically clean up after peoples' problems along with my brother for the past few years. The fact that my brother and I persevered under such conditions makes me feel like we've come out stronger people as opposed to the people we were in high school. More wise, older, still mature, responsibile, and not to be worried about whether we're going to school or screwing up is what type of person i'd consider ourselves to be. Enough ranting about this subject of mine. I just had to write my thoughts as clearly as I could.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh the folly of the big 2

Marvel- Why must I have to deal with cross over after cross over every year, or what seems like every other month. I've just been fed up with marvel this past 5 or so years. I look at my collection and feel really down about some of the stuff I bought when I could have been buying other things. I don't necessarily blame marvel for this, but myself since I bought the freakin' things. Then there was the death of captain america, which everyone had to know was definitely not going to be permanent. I bought Captain America up until steve came back, and they had introduced the back up Nomad story, which I could care less about. It's ironic because the death was really only a ploy to get more sales in my opinion. I felt disgusted that marvel would pull such a stunt, and swore off Captain America when he came back and low and behold he did.

DC- Probably because marvel killed captain america, dc decided to kill batman. The events happened so close that there was no way in hell that there was a coincidence. Cap died in 07 and batman died in 08. When a character dies, they should stay dead so I stopped getting the batman comics.

IDK, however to me the two big comic companies just seem to be trying to make more and more money. They get greedy, and the only reason they do so is because people will buy it. That's why I swore off a lot of comics. ATM I only get Scalped, Jonah Hex (Cooke and Bernet issues), Daredevil (which I'm soon about to axe), BPRD, Abe Sapien, Conan the frazetta series, and The Walking Dead.

As far as GNs go, I am currently collecting Saga of the Swamp Thing in HCs, the Savage Sword of Conan tpbs, and Gotham Central HCs; which I find to be way more worth it for my money as opposed to the majority of the crap coming out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some Treasures of Mine part 1

-Swamp Thing Book 1 Alan Moore (favorite writer)

-Swamp Thing Book 2

-SSoC 61 W: Fleisher A: John Buscema (one of my favorite artists) Cover: Joe Chiodo (favorite cover artist for Conan)
I loved the action sequence against the giant eel; by far one of my favorite fights of Conan's exploits

-SSoC 71 W: Fleisher A: John Buscema I: Ernie Chan Cover: Joe Chiodo
Definitely one of my favorite covers for SSoC

-The Bourne Supremacy (one of my favorite books)
By: Robert Ludlum (favorite novelist)
-NCAA Football 2010
-my awesome red remote

Hope everyone or anyone liked this little peep show o.o To Be Continued

Al WIlliamson 1931-2010

Another great creative mind has passed away. Although I didn't know him personally, I thank him for his contribution to the comic book industry and to Savage Sword of Conan, Star wars, and his work on Daredevil. Rest easy sir

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What do you think about "such and such"?

I don't know if it's just me, however every time I work out and I do my run, which is every other day, I love to take a cold shower. It no only cools me down tremendously, but also feels really good. What do you think about cold showers in this particular situation or any situation for that matter? You don't really have to respond...heck no one does, however just ask that to yourself and is the answer what you had expected?

6 women I think are very beautiful (no exact order)

-Cate Blanchett (respected copyright of photographer, which wasn't specified) I just love her figure, beautiful bone structure and she has magnificent eyes....she's just magnificent.
-Franka Potente ( Brian Braff photo) I just love this photo..I also love her eyes and her beautiful smile.
-Gemma Arterton (respected copyright of photographer, which wasn't specified) I love her auburn like hair with her skin tone, delightful eyes and gorgeous smile.
-Rashida Jones (respected copyright of photographer, which wasn't specified) She has the total package, from what I gather she's really intelligent, it's really hard to believe she's about 34, and she just has the beautiful girl next door look that just makes me weak at the knees.
-Kate Mara (respected copyright of photographer, which wasn't specified) Beautiful, great smile, and I definitely love her accent.
-Kate Beckinsale (respected copyright of photographer, which wasn't specified) imo a perfect 10, I just look at her and I get butterflies.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


things to know or think about

1) pork and beef ribs taste equally great to me
2) homemade potato salad is awesome
3) kittens are a handful
4) life is a garden, dig it -Joe Dirt
5) I had realized a little while ago that a new Jason Bourne/Robert Ludlum book just came out and that it was written by another writer, why can't one just come up with their own idea for a novel as opposed to taking someone elses' idea??

Have a good day for this just had to be a quick one.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My day wasn't too brother and I washed two of our dogs, we cleaned some of the hideous garage, and we cleaned our car :D

There really wasn't much other activity because the ps3 network was down the whole day....and I'm basically just waiting for my brother to wake up so we can play.

Who keeps viewing my blog....? scary... 6 views today O.O

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daily gripe

What grinds my gears is that in today's world, when one buys current comics at 2.99, 3.99, etc. soon as you buy it its damn near worth nothing.

I'll leave the sites name out of it, however I tried to sell over 70 comics and what they were offering was a little over 30 dollars when it was totalled. Now...when a site says they are fair in prices when buying collections or issues of collections from'd expect the prices to be fair. I compared some of the comics that I have (let it be known that my comics are in pretty good condition, I'd grade them F-VF) with the same grade of comics that the site is selling and let it be known they're trying to sell the same comics 200%-400% what they offered me. WTF kind of crap is that???

It just pisses me off because my tastes for comics have become more refined, and when I try to sell the ones I don't have passion for I just get

Obviously golden age, silver age, and bronze age comics are worth what they are because of the scarcity/rarity, however this is pretty disconcerting when they charge so much now, and the costumer can't even expect some type of reasonable return.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nothing is trivial?

To say nothing is trivial seems to rely heavily on personal opinion. One would think that if something said or talked about that doesn't concern one's way of life directly would be trivial.

Personally, I'd want to live my life the way I want long as what I do doesn't effect other peoples' lives in a negative way.

That's my little rant atm. Take care and have a good day everyone/anyone.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I played some basketball earlier in the day for about an hour, and even though the temperature was over 90 it was awesome.

I did a lot of house cleaning today along with mowing the front yard. I also watched the Lakers and Celtics game, which was pretty exciting.

I've never found out where I got this quote from, however I felt that I would share it.

"Hopes and memories give birth to a wind that blows away all obstacles."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saga of the Swamp Thing book 3

June 23, 2010 is when this book comes out, and I can hardly wait. I actually opted to wait for these books as opposed to buying the tpbs that are already available. I much rather prefer the HC to the TPB format. I've been most fortunate that DC is reprinting these issues (and in hard cover) has been a big help filling the gaps I have in Alan moore's run on SotST, and a lot more cost efficient.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A comic that I've re-read today

Brave and the Bold # 30 (quite possibly my favorite out of the ones I have from the run by J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz .. Straczynski sure has a tremendous grasp on how to do single story issues and the art of Saiz is amazing)

Favorite lines from the story:

Our days are the days we have.
The number is the number, and
from birth to the final breath
we are counting down to the
finite end of that number.

Whether we make our future,
or our future makes us....
whether we swim with or against the
river of our past, our days remain
our own--

--To live in fullest flight of our passions
in the service of those we love.
There can be no higher calling,
no greater destiny, no more
profound choice.

I live today.

I die tomorrow.


Support for Nosaj Thing

I figured I'd just get this out of the way since I'm really enjoying his new CD atm, and it's interesting because I had to use Itunes for the first time (I couldn't find the CD anywhere else). The music, to me, seemed like a's fresh, there's no cussing, degrading women, screaming words that you can't discern... my only regret is that I didn't find out about his body of work sooner.

( I don't own the picture or video, however I thought i'd show anyone who'd view this page that wondered what he looked like; the picture looked cool as well. Just showing support for an artist who deserves it)

going with the rhythm of the beat

Something I did a bit ago with charcoal (first time with the material).

It's definitely a hot day today. It's amazing what a week will do to your lawn during the summer... I swear the grass is on steroids or something.

A little poem to be left behind today:

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
W.B. Yeats (1865-1939)

music: Nosaj Thing - Fog

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today is a great day

The last week of my absence apparently brought forth quite a bit of wind where I live. One of the oldest trees in the back yard had fallen over and there was no way to salvage it because the roots were still in the ground; the tree had to be cut down into pieces and thrown away. It took about an hour, however it got done and my brother and I were satisfied. I also read some Jonah Hex later in the afternoon which was very enjoyable (the Jordi Bernet issues are probably my favorite). ATM i'm watching the NBA finals and i'm hoping for a great game.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I can't believe I have over 100 views O.O

music atm: Nosaj Thing - Aquarium

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The previous week

I'm not necessarily sure how to start it off other than last week was supposed to be a vacation for my brother and I. What started out well by visiting family in another city quickly turned into a disaster... our younger sister, who didn't have a license, snuck out of the house with her car and got pulled over, which eventually got taken away. The funny thing was that she avoided all responsibility of the situation blaming everyone but herself and the irony of it was that her driving test was the follwing week. My brother and I even had to give her money that we had saved for that particular week to get the car out because she didn't really have any. It came out to quite a large some of money which we weren't really happy to just give away. So over the "week vacation" my brother and I didn't really do anything fun.

It's pretty depressing when you look at it because I usually try to write in a positive light every time I use my blog. I really try hard to avoid the cliche of "writing on a blog because I'm whining, or just writing negative things," however I couldn't help it this time around. I had saved money, and to have had it given away because of a thoughtless/heartless/selfish thing was really unsettling...especially when it was easily avoidable (trying to keep it pg). It just grinds my gears when one has to pay for anothers mistake.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today is a good day

Had a pretty regular day, however what actually set this apart from any other day was the fact that I picked up my comics at the local comic shop.

I bought:
Scalped 38
Scalped 1 reprint
Hellblazer 1 reprint
BPRD King of Fear 5
The Marvels Project 8

I had to get the reprints because I gotta show support for Scalped, and Hellblazer (even though Hellblazer isn't at the top of its game), TMP 8 was an awesome conclusion to the mini, BPRD was good, however it didn't really feel like the changing point it was hyped up to be, and Scalped...ha...ha... it was the best read of the month imo.

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

It is friday the 21st of May... worked out, played basketball, took a shower, played call of duty modern warfare 2 online, and then read my current book, The Bourne Identity (this will be the umpteenth time @.@), for about an hour...but heck....I enjoy it so why not. Cleaned my room, which wasn't too hard to manage.

Checked to see if my grades were uploaded today and they were. I got a B for one class and an A for the other...for the third class I didn't get a grade because it was canceled >.<.

currently listening to: Nosaj Thing - Fog (awesome cd and I'm glad I got it on itunes)

Current comics:
The Walking Dead
Conan the frank frazetta series
Abe Sapien
Jonah Hex (Jordi Bernet issues)

Overall not too bad of a week considering it could have been worse, and I stayed pretty productive throughout the week...that's never a bad thing.

Friday, April 9, 2010

It is now April 9, 2010 @>@

I can say that a lot has happened from one perspective, and from another perspective a whole lot of nothing has happened. I'm about to get my AA for college, which wasn't my goal from the start but hell, and if I were to try to transfer to my local university so I'll have to wait a year.

Don't have a girlfriend..not surprising since I haven't really tried to get one. Working out quite a bit in these recent months and that's a good thing since one does have to try to stay healthy right?

Class isn't so bad and if I keep working at it I'll be getting a B, which isn't bad but when you're going for the A it stings a little.

I'm still reading comics, no change there.
Comics I get:

The Walking Dead
Conan the frank frazetta series
Abe Sapien
Jonah Hex

Overall I'm doing alright and hanging in there. For awhile I hadn't felt like blogging since there isn't much activity around here. I just got a feeling to do it and so here I am. Hope everyone is doing well. Kind of weird that I have 64 views haha.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

saturday bears the days fruit


1)Cleaned some of the room a bit
2)talking to family and got caught up on events
3)chilled for pretty much the whole day unfortunately, however not too bad
4)read Swamp thing (I'm glad I actually waited for the hardcovers because there's no way I could have afforded the individual issues themselves.)
5)Hung out a little bit with my cat Tintoretto

Overall I wouldn't say my day was fruitful as far as studying or homework. However, I felt alright taking the day off and I have no regrets, and it actually felt good to relax.

music: The Ghosts- Dts on the top

Friday, January 22, 2010

"There is a red world, and angry world red things happen there."- Alan Moore

Well today wasn't too bad. I went to school with my brother, not for a class, but just to study and get some done to avoid calling the day a complete waste. After the time at school was done, my brother and I went to wing street and bought some oh so delicious wings. We then proceeded to go to the comic store that we frequent to pick up our recent goods. Low and behold my swamp thing book was in !?

I got:

Conan the frank frazetta series 2, and 3 since I missed them.(they finally came in! conan, nord, frazetta, and I'm sold)

Saga of the Swamp Thing book 2 (first time I ordered it, it was somehow missed, ordered it a few weeks ago again and it came in! alan moore is my favorite writer so I'll enjoy this)

Demo tpb (I didn't actually order this seeing as how the employee and I only talked about it, and that I was interested in getting Demo volume 2. I stated that I would look the demo tpb up at home and if I decided to get it that I would call to order it. I went in today and they had ordered for me lol. I'm actually grateful since it was pretty darn good.)

Overall today wasn't too bad. I got some studying done, practically have my lab report done and it's due thursday, got some stuff that I've been waiting for for a long time, and I've eaten some good food. I've had a good time. have a good night

music: Pink Floyd-Wish you were here

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday, oh thursday with your rain

Well today is thursday. I've organized more of my personal possessions, finish more of my homework, and I'm almost done with my lab. I still need to do more homework, however I really do reserve that for the weekend even though I feel somewhat compelled to do it before class (it's not even due, or really collected so I don't know why I feel the way I do about it). It's going to be another long day 4:30ish- quite possibly 10 pm. Hopefully the rain settles down a bit, and provides me with a much needed break.

I suppose that, at least, the weekend is coming very soon, which will give me ample time to get ahead of class work, and hopefully more homework as well, which is usually my main goal. I hope everyone is staying warm, dry, and in doors as much as possible. I hope no one losses their homes to mud slides or floods, and I really hope no one losses their most precious possessions, things that can't be replaced.

I also realized that my meeting to transfer wasn't actually yesterday but sometime next week instead. So I was a little surprised about that since I was ready to deal with it as fast as possible.

music atm: vivaldi - the four seasons winter 3 allegro

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the Days eVentS

1.) Woke up and had some breakfast today
2.) Studied some and did a bit of homework eventually
3.) The rain was overwhelming for my personal tastes; the wind didn't help matters along with the thunder and lightning.
4.) Went to class cheerful, and left a little depressed (work on daily schedule)
5.) Chilling atm, and sort of depressed that I haven't gotten my Saga of the Swamp Thing book 2 yet..

music: Along The Watch Tower

Monday, January 18, 2010

The weekend thus far

So far the weekend has brought little excitement other than my cousin coming over and chilling with him and my brother. I started the weekend like any other weekend; realizing how long the week was I took my first day off literally and did nothing, sort of like a day one would use to unwind. The next day I studied a bit, about 2 hours worth which was alright. sunday I studied a little bit, however not as much as I wanted to because a lot of things distracted me through out the day. Today I hope to get some homework done seeing as how it's an actual day off from the week. If my plans come to fruition and I don't get the procrastination bug I should be half done by tomorrow with my homework. I still have my lab to finish, however I have that planned for wednesday for a three hour slot I have open during the afternoon. To conclude, hopefully the internet is wrong and that it isn't going to rain the entire week or my efforts might get soaked.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well it's been awhile since my last posting. Update: Got pretty dang good grades for the previous semester of school, a new semester has started, of which I'm only taking 7 units @.@, and I've cut back on over half my comics after reevaluating personal value and cost efficiency. I'm also finally going to transfer soon (hopefully). There's been a lot of ups and downs, good experiences, and also bad experiences. All that is behind me now, and all I can do is use them as reference for future endeavors in a positive way hopefully.

Things I'm doing ATM (past couple of months, last few days, etc.):
-Reading a new book called the Tristan Betrayal by Robert Ludlum (one of my favorite authors so I can't go wrong)
-Organizing personal stuff to optimize room space as well as to sort of inventory what I have and am willing to give away or sell (change is good)
-Going to study (this is going to be fun actually since it's the weekend, and the more I get done the more I get to chill)

talk to you next time