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Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Treasures of Mine part 3

Well..due to final week this week and last week I haven't really been on, which is unfortunate so again...I'm sorry. Finishing this post dec. 9.
1)The Crow- this has the whole package....beautiful art, beautiful writing, and I applaud O'Barr for even putting this out to the public. I can't even imagine how painful it was to produce the work. This made me believe that black and white work, in general, can be more powerful than colored work.

2)Watchmen- My favorite writer Alan Moore creating such an intricate comic with gibbons. Easily my favorite story from rorschach's journal and origin, dr. manhattan's origin, the surrounding characters, the cause and effect of each characters' actions, the black freighter, it's just a beautiful work overall.

3)Even though I got the hardcover for punisher circle of blood, I found this story very compelling, the art was great and I could see why it sold out when it first came out on that wonderful friday....because it was the initial story that made me a punisher fan. Another reason that I became a punisher fan was Tim Bradstreet and his great covers. However, I'm not a big fan of steve dillon and I've only liked the work by zeck,fernandez, and that's as far as I go as being a fan unfortunately.

4)Spider-man kraven's last hunt: this officially made me a mike zeck fan. it's one of those times where you realize that artist come and go usually and sometimes consistency lacks throughout a run..I believe this is either because their head gets too big, arrogance, and lack of effort or overload because they're on so many freaking projects. When I saw mike zeck's work on KLH....o-m-goodness...his work is consistent...he excels with every work he does that it's almost supernatural. The story overall is one of the greatest spider-man stories ever written.

5)Alter ego 92. I love/hate this with a passion. I love it because it talks about one of my favorite genres ever...with from the creators, and I hate it because it's part 3 of the story...and I haven't been able to find part 1 and 2 @.@ I also love the cover.

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