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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stressful...but productive

1) Payed my fees for my class next semester. I only found one class that I felt comfortable taking, didn't mind taking, was cost effective, and was going to be healthy.

2)Payed the insurance with Justin. It's been four months since it's lowered in total amount and it hasn't changed yet..lame..

3) Getting official transcripts mailed in about a week giving Justin and I ample time to go to CSUSB and turn it in directly.

4) 2-3 weeks left of school....I remember when the semester first started. The state I'm in right now I'm still stressing, still dealing with crap in my life, however i'm trying to roll with it and not let it affect me too drastically. Still doing things I enjoy to keep my spirits up. Thinking of posting some more pictures of things I cherish. I'll see how I feel.

5)Probably/maybe not getting new brakes this weekend. We'll go and see if we need them first because there's no point in getting new brakes if they're not needed. Talk about a waste of money that could turn out to be. Car ran pretty smooth. I'd hope so.. since Justin and I already payed over 600 in repairs..

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