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My name is jeremy, and this is my blog. height: 6'3, weight: 231 Ib, green eyes, brown hair. I try to be a good person/man to everyone around me.. I give respect to those who warrant it or deserve it.. I'm a person of simple tastes. to past the time I don't mind reading, watching movies, working out, conversation, or listening to music

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't forget the past, but don't put all your effort into living the past

I'm doing pretty good. working out, reading when I can and also working when I can. Nothing much else. Keep cool and keep hydrated everyone. Lone Wolf signing out.

Today, God’s message for you is don’t look back. You can only be who you are, you’ve grown beyond who you once were. Those you’ve known have done the same. Now, look forward.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Was Kind of Numb

August 12, 2012...being a comic book collector/fan/history buff... one of my heroes had passed away. Admittedly I haven't really been up to doing anything....I feel kind of empty... it's never a good feeling to have had a hero, loved his work and never have had the chance to meet him. it's a terrible feeling. Joe Kubert's work had a uniqueness to it that I'll always cherish. I know the most logical thing to do is cope with it as best as I can, but just sucks. lets take a look back at a few of my heroes. Frank Frazetta passed away in 2010, Gene Colan passed away in 2011 and now Joe Kubert has passed away in 2012. It's interesting to point out that... over the years it's been a grind trying to get any of Kubert's work... whether it be squeezing pennies, or being out of stock, or even no one in my town/city having any of his was frustrating. clearly I could go the online route....but when it comes to getting gas/ food/ bills.... comics, my passion, gets put on the back burner....there's nothing wrong with that....especially in this economy. The only thing I regret is that....given time elapsing... sometimes you miss out on getting the things you want because they'll either not be sold anymore...or someone else has seen what you've also seen...been a fan just like you...saw their window and got it. I'll post the few pictures that I have of Joe Kubert's work that I own... it may be measly...but by no means does that diminish their my eyes... I know that eventually I'll get more.. it aint easy being Easy.

Sgt. Rock of Easy: " You're askin' why US lucky easy guys get all the breaks? We were picked for this mission 'cause we're GOOD.... 'cause we can be BAD!" - JOE KUBERT

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Heat and the Clouds and the Lightning!

this little respite has been very interesting. dealt with quite a few a$$holes today, which is always weird....It's like when I'm out with a couple of family members, usually with my brother, but this time with my uncle and my brother..that the a$$holes just come out. I dealt with the problems as best as possible, but some people just can't admit when they're in the wrong. anywho. I saw THE BOURNE LEGACY today and being a huge fan of the books (only missing a couple so far) I have to say that I just completely loved it. It was fun, it was entertaining, and Jeremy Renner did an amazing job. Lone Wolf signing out for now.

God’s message for you is not to be discouraged. Life can disappoint and send all kinds of setbacks. Don’t let them get to you. No matter the circumstances, God is ready to encourage you. Come to Him and find the comfort you need.

God’s message for you is to seek out silence, solitude and tranquility in this and everyday. This opportunity for personal solace allows us to become closer, more intimately linked with one’s inner self. Deep within your heart and mind all, the creator ingeniously hides the answers you will ever need. It is in this sacred space where his intentions and communications live.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Good Times and SCALPED

the weather was over 100 degrees again today, but it helped staying inside. Tomorrow I shall head out to the comic store for new books and back issue hunting. Scalped is going to be ending in a couple of weeks and the reality of it isn't any easier to bare as it's been my favorite title ever since I jumped on with 12 and then back on at 19 and then officially with 25 haha. Boy....that was a weird time because I seemed to be the only one buying the title at my first shop....and even more depressing that I was the only one getting SCALPED at my second and new primary shop. I just don't get it because to me SCALPED has been so integral in helping me keep faith in comics and to realize that people all around me and in the shop had no idea...intentionally or were absent minded of it's greatness....and to be so helpless besides hyping it to others around me...I wonder if it fell on deaf ears or if my hype helped any. In my first shop no one was interested....that was clear. hyping it at the second store was a different matter because apparently a few people picked up the title for awhile....but I guess they lost interest if I had heard/listened to the owner correctly. anywho.... I'm off tomorrow and I plan on enjoying the day. I hope everyone is doing well...stay hydrated, stay safe and stay positive. -Lone Wolf SIGNING OUT

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well that's baffling

Looking through my posts...I come upon one that apparently has 92 views. that's eerie...because I don't believe I have that many views on the rest of my posts combined. I realize the title of the post was "GRATIFIED", and I have a few ideas of what people might have suspected...but maybe that's reaching... idk...eerie I tell you. I also apparently have 1353 page sometimes I have a good memory...and this is one of those instances where I remember the number of page views before I abruptly stopped posting on my blog. That was around 800 views last year. I wonder who views this page...

The Crow and the not so fun man named FunBoy (dedicated to James O'Barr)

This dream was rather interesting.... clearly it's inspired by James O'Barr and his book The Crow...but for some reason in the dream it was me....but I was Brandon Lee....and rather than saying any of the script I was using lines from O'Barr's book. it is. I'm not claiming any copyright as this is also heavily influenced by James O'Barr.

I get the information I'm looking for and head over to the place that FunBoy is apparently staying's not long before I realize that the fire escape gives me access to Funboys apartment window...and to my luck it's open. I ease through the window and stand in front of the over head light, which is a small distance from my back located in the center of the room. Mostly casting me in silhouette for the poor soul in front of me. He barely even realizes I'm there while he lies in his bed and shoots up...shocked...confused..baffled..wondering why I'm here, he freezes. Looking at a shell of a man who's caused untold pain on himself as well as others I'll never know. internal monologue:"His memory has failed him..he's completely forgotten who I am and what he and his pack of friends have done to Shelly and I that one night on the old stretch of highway....the day of our anniversary." I think to myself.. "it's time to pay for your crimes FunBoy." The gun slowly slides from under my undercoat and it's holster...the light catching the slick 1911's cold matte frame....the startling click of the safety as I take it off...and then he knows..suddenly with fevered energy he screams, "hey man! I got nothing against you! I don't even know you! Just leave! You see those drugs on the table along with the $5k!? That's $15k man! Just take it man! It's yours!" The Crow slowly shakes his head, and a sorrowful look plays across his eyes and he speaks, "You would barter your life with these chemicals?"FunBoy screams, " you're crazy man! you hardly even glance at the $15k I'm trying to give you! What are you stupid!?"The overhead light blinks on and off....and as it's life departs it's body, and the room goes pitch black.. The Crow inhales and slowly exhales...all of a sudden a flash of light blasts the darkness away for a split second....again...and again this happens.... until FunBoy's life is expelled as well. The Crow rummages through the liter on FunBoy's floor, trying his best to find what he's looking for in the pitch black room, and he finds what he was looking for.The Crow stands there for a moment, and unseen by anyone, sheds a tear...not for FunBoy...but for Shelly...He whispers, "one down," as he ties the spent shell onto one of the strands of his raven like hair..he goes down the fire escape, and quickly departs into the shadows.

The Gnawing (mythology by the Cheyenne)

There was an interesting arc in the book SCALPED by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera. The arc was called the Gnawing and there was an interesting story told by Grandma Poor Bear to Officer Falls Down. It was the story of the Gnawing. This peaked my interest so I decided to dig further on the internet and actually found the full story....or maybe abbreviated story of "The Gnawing", which is from the Cheyenne mythology and I felt it pertinent to post here...because well it's my blog.

There is a great pole somewhere, a mighty trunk similar to the sacred sun dance pole, only much, much bigger. The pole is what holds up the world. The Great White Grandfather Beaver of the North is gnawing at that pole. He has been gnawing at the bottom of it for ages and ages. More than half of the pole has already been gnawed through. When the Great White Beaver of the North gets angry, he gnaws faster and more furiously. Once he has gnawed all the way through, the pole will topple, and the earth will crash into a bottomless nothing. That will be the end of the people, of everything. The end of all ends. So we are careful not to make the Beaver angry. That's why the Cheyenne never eat his flesh, or even touch a beaver skin. We want to the world to last a little longer.

Told by Mrs. Medicine Bull in Birney, Montana
American Indian Myths and Legends

King Tiger Tank vs Unflinching Courage

I never though of having a "dream diary" as one of my heroes put it....but I have written a few dreams down or scenes from movies with my own interpretations in my dreams. This one is from Saving Private Ryan....this is not meant as copyright infringement nor am I claiming this idea entirely mine as I was heavily influenced by the movie. Here it goes. This dream felt like it went on forever, but as I woke up and quickly wrote it down it was rather short... I guess that's how all dreams are.

Screaming all around me...firing of weapons never ceasing...sounds of an 88mm gun firing in the distance exploding a building as if it were kindling.. nothing on my mind besides holding back as many of the wave of German soldiers as possible and getting as much of the 506th 101st past the bridge and to solid cover..wounded in the chest by a KAR98K...also took one in the leg...not much time left with a King Tiger Tank rolling towards me about to flatten me into nothingness... out of bandoliers for my M1903 Springfield.... I pull out the M1911 pistol ..and as I start to shoot at the tank it explodes into a firestorm of hot metal and black smoke...I hear a screaming engine, and as I look up fading. Private Ryan approaches cautiously and says, "P51 sir....tank busters." I slowly whisper..."angels on our shoulders...."

Dreaming Myself Into A Reality

I have been inspired by Jason Aaron to write a dream down.... a dream that comes to me in an instant and I'm rushed into a reality/world that a level headed person would not view as real, but fictitious in nature. Something beyond the realm of reality.... the dull....the boring....the every day life everyone and anyone lives. One dream I had I wrote down on paper. I had entered this dream into the short story Creepy Contest (earlier in these posts I had mentioned that I won..but upon further inspection I seem to have not posted the story anywhere) that Dark Horse held in hopes of receiving a Creepy Archive for my endeavor. Here is the story I is the story that helped me be one of the three that won the contest. I called it The Waking Life
The Waking Life (short horror story)
Waking up from vertigo...body taught, sweat beading on my body I clench the bed sheets hoping to regain some semblance of balance. I slowly raise my body, letting go of the bed sheets, and as I look out the window towards the dark night I realize that I have some sort of grime on my body...from what origin I do not know. Tree branches lightly caress the windows making a crude melody adding to my discomfort. I slip off the bed sheets and realize that I have my shoes on, and not only that but they're muddy. My body is sluggish, it seems that all my energy has left me, but I try my best to get to the chair on my bedside. As I look out towards the night, the love trees and pine trees waltz in the wind producing an eerie view of shadows in the very dim moonlight. A creepy sensation creeps to the nape of my neck, and I break out into sweat once again. Surely it isn't the mere shadows that causes tension within my body with minute effort. As I sit my gaze travels down the long street..towards the graveyard. I shoot up, clench my fists, and my body suddenly grows numb and I freeze...unflinching. A fog envelopes the weathered marble headstones..the street lamps illuminating the perimeter of the graveyard make a trickery of this new found event and as I blink to discern what's happening..shadows start to form amongst the graveyard grounds. At first there was a few, than some more, and more until a crowd could be made out. This can't be real I muse, this can't be happening, and I blink again only to open my eyes and be standing within the graveyard. The crowd walks towards me, and as they come under the street lamps the fog dissipates....I see them for what they are. Ragged clothes, misshapen/missing limbs, a repugnant smell, and terrible moans lock my body in position. They start to sprint, then they start to run....coming ever closer..and as I try to get away I realize that it's folly for my body and my feet, in the mud, are unresponsive. I fail..I mess up... i'm screwed....they catch me. They're pulling me in all directions...the unbearable.. As I get a better look...I'm horrified... even in my worst nightmares could something be imagined as these fiends before me....but they don't kill me... it seems they're holding me... A figure in the distance starts to shamble towards me, purposefully, and as it gets closer I notice that it's wearing the same clothes as me. Feet away, I realize it's me....dead..some evil doppelganger. My mind shatters in oblivion...I scream..I claw...I break free of some of the horrors and grab this...this thing.. I rip off its sleeve and scream and scream not understanding the situation. It slowly smiles at me and says, "soon you will know." and everything goes black.. I wake up from a sense of vertigo, clutching the bed, body taught, and sweat beading down my body. Clenched within my right a tattered, dirty sleeve. I look at it puzzled...I get out of bed and I'm covered in grime and mud. A sinking feeling in my gut as I look out towards the moon soaked night. "What's going on? Why do I feel this way? What is the fog coming from the graveyard?" .................

Where has the time gone?

Hello I'm back today to say that yes... I'm still alive despite my blog going dormant for a couple/few days....again lol. Had an interesting week so far and now it's Sunday. Spent the weekend babysitting...I didn't have to work this weekend so that turned out alright. Another school year is less than two months's kind of crazy, but I'm really hoping for a great year. I'm hoping for a productive year. Quarters are pretty stressful when they're only 10 weeks long. I tried the hardest I've ever tried and got As and Bs. A couple of classes I was a little disappointed about, but I gave it my all considering school, work and driving to and from. Not to mention all the drama with the last year. I'm going to try to put that behind me and pray for a good 2012/2013 year.