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My name is jeremy, and this is my blog. height: 6'3, weight: 231 Ib, green eyes, brown hair. I try to be a good person/man to everyone around me.. I give respect to those who warrant it or deserve it.. I'm a person of simple tastes. to past the time I don't mind reading, watching movies, working out, conversation, or listening to music

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't forget the past, but don't put all your effort into living the past

I'm doing pretty good. working out, reading when I can and also working when I can. Nothing much else. Keep cool and keep hydrated everyone. Lone Wolf signing out.

Today, God’s message for you is don’t look back. You can only be who you are, you’ve grown beyond who you once were. Those you’ve known have done the same. Now, look forward.

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