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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dreaming Myself Into A Reality

I have been inspired by Jason Aaron to write a dream down.... a dream that comes to me in an instant and I'm rushed into a reality/world that a level headed person would not view as real, but fictitious in nature. Something beyond the realm of reality.... the dull....the boring....the every day life everyone and anyone lives. One dream I had I wrote down on paper. I had entered this dream into the short story Creepy Contest (earlier in these posts I had mentioned that I won..but upon further inspection I seem to have not posted the story anywhere) that Dark Horse held in hopes of receiving a Creepy Archive for my endeavor. Here is the story I is the story that helped me be one of the three that won the contest. I called it The Waking Life
The Waking Life (short horror story)
Waking up from vertigo...body taught, sweat beading on my body I clench the bed sheets hoping to regain some semblance of balance. I slowly raise my body, letting go of the bed sheets, and as I look out the window towards the dark night I realize that I have some sort of grime on my body...from what origin I do not know. Tree branches lightly caress the windows making a crude melody adding to my discomfort. I slip off the bed sheets and realize that I have my shoes on, and not only that but they're muddy. My body is sluggish, it seems that all my energy has left me, but I try my best to get to the chair on my bedside. As I look out towards the night, the love trees and pine trees waltz in the wind producing an eerie view of shadows in the very dim moonlight. A creepy sensation creeps to the nape of my neck, and I break out into sweat once again. Surely it isn't the mere shadows that causes tension within my body with minute effort. As I sit my gaze travels down the long street..towards the graveyard. I shoot up, clench my fists, and my body suddenly grows numb and I freeze...unflinching. A fog envelopes the weathered marble headstones..the street lamps illuminating the perimeter of the graveyard make a trickery of this new found event and as I blink to discern what's happening..shadows start to form amongst the graveyard grounds. At first there was a few, than some more, and more until a crowd could be made out. This can't be real I muse, this can't be happening, and I blink again only to open my eyes and be standing within the graveyard. The crowd walks towards me, and as they come under the street lamps the fog dissipates....I see them for what they are. Ragged clothes, misshapen/missing limbs, a repugnant smell, and terrible moans lock my body in position. They start to sprint, then they start to run....coming ever closer..and as I try to get away I realize that it's folly for my body and my feet, in the mud, are unresponsive. I fail..I mess up... i'm screwed....they catch me. They're pulling me in all directions...the unbearable.. As I get a better look...I'm horrified... even in my worst nightmares could something be imagined as these fiends before me....but they don't kill me... it seems they're holding me... A figure in the distance starts to shamble towards me, purposefully, and as it gets closer I notice that it's wearing the same clothes as me. Feet away, I realize it's me....dead..some evil doppelganger. My mind shatters in oblivion...I scream..I claw...I break free of some of the horrors and grab this...this thing.. I rip off its sleeve and scream and scream not understanding the situation. It slowly smiles at me and says, "soon you will know." and everything goes black.. I wake up from a sense of vertigo, clutching the bed, body taught, and sweat beading down my body. Clenched within my right a tattered, dirty sleeve. I look at it puzzled...I get out of bed and I'm covered in grime and mud. A sinking feeling in my gut as I look out towards the moon soaked night. "What's going on? Why do I feel this way? What is the fog coming from the graveyard?" .................

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