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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Crow and the not so fun man named FunBoy (dedicated to James O'Barr)

This dream was rather interesting.... clearly it's inspired by James O'Barr and his book The Crow...but for some reason in the dream it was me....but I was Brandon Lee....and rather than saying any of the script I was using lines from O'Barr's book. it is. I'm not claiming any copyright as this is also heavily influenced by James O'Barr.

I get the information I'm looking for and head over to the place that FunBoy is apparently staying's not long before I realize that the fire escape gives me access to Funboys apartment window...and to my luck it's open. I ease through the window and stand in front of the over head light, which is a small distance from my back located in the center of the room. Mostly casting me in silhouette for the poor soul in front of me. He barely even realizes I'm there while he lies in his bed and shoots up...shocked...confused..baffled..wondering why I'm here, he freezes. Looking at a shell of a man who's caused untold pain on himself as well as others I'll never know. internal monologue:"His memory has failed him..he's completely forgotten who I am and what he and his pack of friends have done to Shelly and I that one night on the old stretch of highway....the day of our anniversary." I think to myself.. "it's time to pay for your crimes FunBoy." The gun slowly slides from under my undercoat and it's holster...the light catching the slick 1911's cold matte frame....the startling click of the safety as I take it off...and then he knows..suddenly with fevered energy he screams, "hey man! I got nothing against you! I don't even know you! Just leave! You see those drugs on the table along with the $5k!? That's $15k man! Just take it man! It's yours!" The Crow slowly shakes his head, and a sorrowful look plays across his eyes and he speaks, "You would barter your life with these chemicals?"FunBoy screams, " you're crazy man! you hardly even glance at the $15k I'm trying to give you! What are you stupid!?"The overhead light blinks on and off....and as it's life departs it's body, and the room goes pitch black.. The Crow inhales and slowly exhales...all of a sudden a flash of light blasts the darkness away for a split second....again...and again this happens.... until FunBoy's life is expelled as well. The Crow rummages through the liter on FunBoy's floor, trying his best to find what he's looking for in the pitch black room, and he finds what he was looking for.The Crow stands there for a moment, and unseen by anyone, sheds a tear...not for FunBoy...but for Shelly...He whispers, "one down," as he ties the spent shell onto one of the strands of his raven like hair..he goes down the fire escape, and quickly departs into the shadows.

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