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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Was Kind of Numb

August 12, 2012...being a comic book collector/fan/history buff... one of my heroes had passed away. Admittedly I haven't really been up to doing anything....I feel kind of empty... it's never a good feeling to have had a hero, loved his work and never have had the chance to meet him. it's a terrible feeling. Joe Kubert's work had a uniqueness to it that I'll always cherish. I know the most logical thing to do is cope with it as best as I can, but just sucks. lets take a look back at a few of my heroes. Frank Frazetta passed away in 2010, Gene Colan passed away in 2011 and now Joe Kubert has passed away in 2012. It's interesting to point out that... over the years it's been a grind trying to get any of Kubert's work... whether it be squeezing pennies, or being out of stock, or even no one in my town/city having any of his was frustrating. clearly I could go the online route....but when it comes to getting gas/ food/ bills.... comics, my passion, gets put on the back burner....there's nothing wrong with that....especially in this economy. The only thing I regret is that....given time elapsing... sometimes you miss out on getting the things you want because they'll either not be sold anymore...or someone else has seen what you've also seen...been a fan just like you...saw their window and got it. I'll post the few pictures that I have of Joe Kubert's work that I own... it may be measly...but by no means does that diminish their my eyes... I know that eventually I'll get more.. it aint easy being Easy.

Sgt. Rock of Easy: " You're askin' why US lucky easy guys get all the breaks? We were picked for this mission 'cause we're GOOD.... 'cause we can be BAD!" - JOE KUBERT

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