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Sunday, August 5, 2012

King Tiger Tank vs Unflinching Courage

I never though of having a "dream diary" as one of my heroes put it....but I have written a few dreams down or scenes from movies with my own interpretations in my dreams. This one is from Saving Private Ryan....this is not meant as copyright infringement nor am I claiming this idea entirely mine as I was heavily influenced by the movie. Here it goes. This dream felt like it went on forever, but as I woke up and quickly wrote it down it was rather short... I guess that's how all dreams are.

Screaming all around me...firing of weapons never ceasing...sounds of an 88mm gun firing in the distance exploding a building as if it were kindling.. nothing on my mind besides holding back as many of the wave of German soldiers as possible and getting as much of the 506th 101st past the bridge and to solid cover..wounded in the chest by a KAR98K...also took one in the leg...not much time left with a King Tiger Tank rolling towards me about to flatten me into nothingness... out of bandoliers for my M1903 Springfield.... I pull out the M1911 pistol ..and as I start to shoot at the tank it explodes into a firestorm of hot metal and black smoke...I hear a screaming engine, and as I look up fading. Private Ryan approaches cautiously and says, "P51 sir....tank busters." I slowly whisper..."angels on our shoulders...."

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