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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Good Times and SCALPED

the weather was over 100 degrees again today, but it helped staying inside. Tomorrow I shall head out to the comic store for new books and back issue hunting. Scalped is going to be ending in a couple of weeks and the reality of it isn't any easier to bare as it's been my favorite title ever since I jumped on with 12 and then back on at 19 and then officially with 25 haha. Boy....that was a weird time because I seemed to be the only one buying the title at my first shop....and even more depressing that I was the only one getting SCALPED at my second and new primary shop. I just don't get it because to me SCALPED has been so integral in helping me keep faith in comics and to realize that people all around me and in the shop had no idea...intentionally or were absent minded of it's greatness....and to be so helpless besides hyping it to others around me...I wonder if it fell on deaf ears or if my hype helped any. In my first shop no one was interested....that was clear. hyping it at the second store was a different matter because apparently a few people picked up the title for awhile....but I guess they lost interest if I had heard/listened to the owner correctly. anywho.... I'm off tomorrow and I plan on enjoying the day. I hope everyone is doing well...stay hydrated, stay safe and stay positive. -Lone Wolf SIGNING OUT

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