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My name is jeremy, and this is my blog. height: 6'3, weight: 231 Ib, green eyes, brown hair. I try to be a good person/man to everyone around me.. I give respect to those who warrant it or deserve it.. I'm a person of simple tastes. to past the time I don't mind reading, watching movies, working out, conversation, or listening to music

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

favorite artists (no particular order)

1)Frank Frazetta (Conan book covers, Blazing combat)
2)Gene Colan (Daredevil)
3)John Romita Jr (Daredevil, ASM, Daredevil Man Without Fear)
4)Frank Miller (Daredevil, Sin City)
5)John Buscema (Savage Sword of Conan)
6)Joe Kubert (Our Army at War)
7)Jordi Bernet (Jonah Hex)
8)Kentaro Miura (Berserk)
9)James O'Barr (The Crow)
10)Michael Lark (Daredevil)
11)David Mazzucchelli (Daredevil, Batman Year One)
12)R.M. Guerra (Scalped)
13)Sean Phillips (Criminal, Incognito)
14)Tomas Giorello (Conan the cimmerian)

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