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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The previous week

I'm not necessarily sure how to start it off other than last week was supposed to be a vacation for my brother and I. What started out well by visiting family in another city quickly turned into a disaster... our younger sister, who didn't have a license, snuck out of the house with her car and got pulled over, which eventually got taken away. The funny thing was that she avoided all responsibility of the situation blaming everyone but herself and the irony of it was that her driving test was the follwing week. My brother and I even had to give her money that we had saved for that particular week to get the car out because she didn't really have any. It came out to quite a large some of money which we weren't really happy to just give away. So over the "week vacation" my brother and I didn't really do anything fun.

It's pretty depressing when you look at it because I usually try to write in a positive light every time I use my blog. I really try hard to avoid the cliche of "writing on a blog because I'm whining, or just writing negative things," however I couldn't help it this time around. I had saved money, and to have had it given away because of a thoughtless/heartless/selfish thing was really unsettling...especially when it was easily avoidable (trying to keep it pg). It just grinds my gears when one has to pay for anothers mistake.

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