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My name is jeremy, and this is my blog. height: 6'3, weight: 231 Ib, green eyes, brown hair. I try to be a good person/man to everyone around me.. I give respect to those who warrant it or deserve it.. I'm a person of simple tastes. to past the time I don't mind reading, watching movies, working out, conversation, or listening to music

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wait For It......

Today hadn't started off too bad...I woke up at 6 and since I didn't feel in too much of a hurry I went to sleep again. Around 7, I had gotten up and got ready for the day as well as a trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I headed out with my brother, Justin, and went to our school to pick up my A.A. diploma in Liberal Arts. I found it to be an awkward experience because I went in to college to work on transferring and taking classes towards my major Computer Science, and I got an A.A. IN LA @.@. I just walked into the admissions office and waited in line to receive my diploma and that was it. So far the day after this experience has been rather normal to say the least; I ate breakfast, watched a tiny bit of TV, and vacuumed the house. I hope to have a relaxing day, and hope that nothing goes awry. Take care everyone or anyone.

p.s. I might have a couple more posts later on depending on how I feel.

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