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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh the folly of the big 2

Marvel- Why must I have to deal with cross over after cross over every year, or what seems like every other month. I've just been fed up with marvel this past 5 or so years. I look at my collection and feel really down about some of the stuff I bought when I could have been buying other things. I don't necessarily blame marvel for this, but myself since I bought the freakin' things. Then there was the death of captain america, which everyone had to know was definitely not going to be permanent. I bought Captain America up until steve came back, and they had introduced the back up Nomad story, which I could care less about. It's ironic because the death was really only a ploy to get more sales in my opinion. I felt disgusted that marvel would pull such a stunt, and swore off Captain America when he came back and low and behold he did.

DC- Probably because marvel killed captain america, dc decided to kill batman. The events happened so close that there was no way in hell that there was a coincidence. Cap died in 07 and batman died in 08. When a character dies, they should stay dead so I stopped getting the batman comics.

IDK, however to me the two big comic companies just seem to be trying to make more and more money. They get greedy, and the only reason they do so is because people will buy it. That's why I swore off a lot of comics. ATM I only get Scalped, Jonah Hex (Cooke and Bernet issues), Daredevil (which I'm soon about to axe), BPRD, Abe Sapien, Conan the frazetta series, and The Walking Dead.

As far as GNs go, I am currently collecting Saga of the Swamp Thing in HCs, the Savage Sword of Conan tpbs, and Gotham Central HCs; which I find to be way more worth it for my money as opposed to the majority of the crap coming out.

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