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My name is jeremy, and this is my blog. height: 6'3, weight: 231 Ib, green eyes, brown hair. I try to be a good person/man to everyone around me.. I give respect to those who warrant it or deserve it.. I'm a person of simple tastes. to past the time I don't mind reading, watching movies, working out, conversation, or listening to music

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday, a somewhat interesting day

1.)Did chores that I had set out to do today.
2.)I read for recreational time through out the day.
3.)I did my work out for the day, and that went by smoothly.
4.)Also did some studying for school, and I reserved homework for tomorrow seeing as how it won't be due until the following week I believe.

It is now night time and I feel, at least a little, that I accomplished some good out of Saturday.

music: Not at the moment

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